RTF is one of Olympic Sports working federations in Rwanda under Rwanda National Olympic and Sports committee as well as Ministry of Sports and Culture. It has been established in on 29 December 2010.

How to Start a New Club

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Any Person of 18 years old, who is a black belt holder recognized by Kukkiwon, and holding a national coaching certificate, has right to initiate a club. He/she requests for it to Rwanda Taekwondo Federation to start a new club; and his/her request will be reviewed and answered within ten working days (10).

  1. You should be loyal to the Society and Taekwondo Family
  2. Find a location (schools, public spaces for sport, private residences, commercial gyms or your personal property safe and appropriate for sport activities)
  3. It is recommended of not creating a new club in a very closed location to other existing club with same purpose, for example: (Opening a new Taekwondo club in a school yet there is already a Taekwondo club there)
  4. Make sure you get the right to use the place for Taekwondo
  5. Make sure you have a clear picture of the club you intend to start (Name, Clear vision, mission, objectives, values, who you target to serve, the plan you have to make sure your club live and progress in order to achieve your goals)
  6. Recruit members not taking from other clubs members without a clear agreement or peaceful procedures that do not create any conflict. You have to make sure also the under age students are recruited in your club with awareness of the parents or guardians.
  7. Be ready to follow rules and regulation of Rwanda Taekwondo Federation
  8. Put in mind to have regal registration later that one year
  9. Make sure you are ready to never work with any discrimination and violence.
  10. RTF is ready to assist you whenever you will need further advice assistance
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